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Internet Money Report scam review

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How to Make Your Own Money Making Site

With the availability of free blogger platforms and low cost domain hosting, running a website is an option available to anyone with Internet access. Making a profit from a website, however, requires consistent effort. Websites generate income if they provide value. Traffic follows value, and traffic is a key component to the success of a website. Treat your website like a business and your time and effort can be rewarded with regular income.


Before you even log on, settle on a concept. Decide if you are selling a product or generating ad revenue from ads accompanying your web content. Spend some time visiting other successful money-making sites to see what they have to offer in terms of content or product. If you have a few ideas that interest you, research the potential market share and choose a niche that is not already over-saturated. Try finding a product or area of expertise to focus on that interests you so that you are less likely to give up in the slow beginning.

Choose a platform. A domain name purchase is the most professional, but involves a monthly web hosting fee. If your budget is limited, consider starting your website on a free blogging platform.

Develop and secure your brand. Choose a website name that is easy to remember and spell. Secure email and social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook in your website's name. Design a logo and use it across all media: make it prominent on your website, use it as your Twitter and Facebook avatars and include it in your email signature if html is available. Research business licensing and trademark laws.

Design your website with ease of use in mind. Consult a graphic designer if you don't have experience in this area. Be consistent with your type font throughout for a more uniform and professional appearance. Place all of your important "must see" elements, including money-making elements, above the scroll line. Many website visitors won't bother scrolling down if what they are looking for is not immediately visible. When choosing a color scheme, remember that not all monitors are calibrated equally, so keep vibrant colors to a minimum and use them only for accents. Your main background color and text color should not be similar or the text may be hard to read.

Add imagery. Purchase stock photographs if you cannot take quality photographs yourself. Pictures add emphasis to your text and make your site more visually appealing, which will result in return traffic.

Study and employ search engine optimization, which makes a website more easily found on search engines. Imagine you are a prospective website visitor about to key in a search request, and think about what you would type. Incorporate common search phrases into your website text, as well as alternative ways of describing your service or product, so that search engines have something to find you with.

Monetize your website. This means adding money making elements, such as pay per click ads or affiliate programs that pay you a percentage on sales brought to them by your site. This might not be necessary if you have your own product that you are selling directly, although it is beneficial to have revenue from more than one source.

Add quality content to your site. If visitors don't find value, they will not return. If, on the other hand, your site gives them information, advice or a product that they can use, they will bookmark it and share your link with others.

Make your site easier to bookmark by adding subscription tools such as email or RSS feed options. Place the subscription buttons in a visible location where your readers can easily find them.

Market your website. Tweet links to your site and the Facebook page you've created for your site. Follow other Twitter users in your business area and interact to build an online community. Add your links to your email signature. Offline marketing can be done using business cards and flyers. Expand into paid advertising once your site is generating enough revenue.

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